Ultra Gutter Guard 9" Diameter

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Ultra Gutter Guard 9" Diameter
The Ultra gutter guard is a economical stormwater bmp designed for curb side inlets, gutters or drains. When properly placed and maintained, these gutter guards can be used to filter large amounts of sand, sediment, debris, trash, and hydrocarbons.

The Ultra-Gutter Guard is made from high strength fibers that are equipped to handle large flows and multi-job use. Each log will additionally include built-in overflow drain areas. These overflow ports help preventing pooling and flooding during strong storm events.

Installation for the drain gutter cover could not be easier! Simply bring your guard to your curb drain and cover your drain. Guards should easily conform to the size, style, and form of your curb. When considering what size to use for your location, please note that guards are designed to operate with an overlap of about twelve inches (12") on each side.

These stormwater guards do require periodic inspection and maintenance and should be inspected for debris or sediment built up outside of the guard. If built-up is present, materials should be removed to allow the guard to continue to work.

The gutter guard is a reusable drain guard product. However, please make sure to wash your guard prior to reuse.