Ultra Filter Sock

  • Ultra Filter Sock


The carbon filter drain sock is the perfect way to target and remove unwanted pollutants from your stormwater runoff. Often used directly around drains, inlets, or even ditches, these socks feature a gutter filter media inside the sock the removes unwanted items from your water. Depending on the type of pollutant present in your location, available media includes options for activated carbon, sorb 44 (oil and hydrocarbons), sediment removal, phos filter, and heavy metal removal.

Regardless of which media you choose for your location, each Ultra-Filter Sock ® features a standard size of 108” L x 7” W x 4” H. This allows them to curve neatly around entire drains or other locations where stormwater runoff is passing. For drains or areas with longer openings, simply overlap the gutter filter sock until they reach your intended length. If needed, socks can be secured in place through the use of loops located on either end of the sock. These loops can be attached to stakes or other anchors to help keep the barrier in place.

Models featured here are designed to target activated carbon media. This is known as the “polishing media” and has helped remove some chemicals, hydrocarbons and odors from runoff material.
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