Taurus Over Grate Filter

  • Taurus Over Grate Filter


Taurus Grate Over Drain Filters for High Performance & Cost Savings!

This innovative BMP stormwater solution is effective and extremely durable, using our patent pending dual-filter design. Instead of catching pollution under the grate, this rugged storm drain filter keeps debris and sediment out of drains and waterways altogether.  It combines a street-sweeper friendly surface with good drainage filtration. Taurus Over Grate Filters are particularly well-suited for work sites, roadways, and parking lots.

Taurus Over Grate Drain Filters are also available with these other options:

  • High Visibility Over Drain Filter With-Out Overflow Filter
  • Low Visibility Over Drain Filter With Overflow Filter
  • Low Visibility Over Drain Filter With-Out Overflow Filter

Taurus Over Grate Filter - Benefits

  • Outlasts others in the field. With a longer use-life (6-12+ months), you won't have to replace it like you do with other brands. (This means significant cost $avings back in your pocket!) 
  • Installs in minutes!  One person can easily install the Taurus drain filter in just minutes. (Fastening kit & instructions are included)
  • No Heavy Lifting or Equipment Needed!  No lifting the heavy grate, and no special equipment is needed for installation.  One person can easily install the Taurus grate over drain filter.
  • Easy Maintenance: Sweep surface and sides to remove build up
  • Street-Sweeper, Vehicle & Foot Traffic Friendly! Our low-profile design fits flat against the grate, so it won't interfere with street-sweepers, pedestrians or traffic. 
  • Accommodates flocculants, absorbents, and other media to treat incoming water to minimize pollutants entering the drainage system, with the use of additional custom filter layers.
  • Special orders can be accommodated upon request, including optional fiberglass sewn-in frame.

How it works: Sediment and debris are filtered out as the stormwater flows through the storm drain filter.  (Be sure to select a filter size that will fully cover the storm drain grate, reaching to all 4 edges without significant overlap. If you need a custom size, please contact us, we can often accommodate custom orders.) 

Details:  The Taurus Over Drain Filter is constructed from 10% Monofiliment with an Apparent Opening Size (AOS) of 40 US Std. Sieve. The overflow window is constructed from bi-planar diamond mesh (45% open area, hole size of 0.094 x 0.094). For more information:

Note:  The filter is not designed to withstand wheel turns or braking.  Rated for pneumatic tires only. 

Have questions?  Please contact us.  Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

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