Taurus Curb Inlet Filter

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Taurus Curb Inlet Filter

Curb Inlet Filter Guard - 6 feet long section for curb inlet openings 6' long x 6" high x 14" deep.  Our patent-pending Taurus Curb Inlet Filter delivers "out of sight peace of mind" inlet protection. Constructed from 10% woven monofilament, with top and bottom support rods included.  Our inlet filter is:

  • An effective stormwater BMP solution.  Taurus' Curb Inlet Filter captures and prevents sediment and debris from entering the stormwater system, helping  you to avoid costly fines.
  • Long Lasting / Cost effective.  Setting a new industry standard for inlet protection, our curb inlet filters have a use-life of 6-12 months, when maintained.
  • Low-profile.  This innovative curb guard utilizes the space inside the drain.  It sits flush against the curb and inside the drain, so it's safely out of the way of vehicle and foot traffic, and is also street-sweeper friendly.
  • Nearly invisible to the eye and passing traffic.  Our curb guard hides the debris-capture inside the mouth of the drain, out of sight and out of traffic.  The specialized design uses supporting chambers, rods and gussets to provide support for the debris hopper.
  • Designed to minimize stormwater backup and pooling in the inlet.  The curb filter's (patent pending) design contains overflow ports that help keep water flowing, even when the filter is full.
  • Easy to install.  You'll be pleased to see how easy this curb guard is to install - please review our installation instructions.
  • Re-usable.  Maintenance couldn't be more simple.  Simply slide the curb guard out of the drain to dump any collected sediment or materials.  Then place the filter back in the inlet.  (We suggest emptying the filter as part of a regular maintenance routine.) 
  • Customizable.  You can also combine use of the curb inlet filter with flocculants, absorbents, or other materials for stormwater treatment.

Use this size for inlets that have a 6" high curb opening. Do not extend the guard more than 12 inches past the edge of the curb inlet opening.

Common applications for the Taurus Curb Inlet Filter include: runoff filtration and treatment, construction site drain protection, and filtration for parking lots and work areas.   For more information, please see our product flyer and drawing.

Taurus Curb Inlet Filter is also available online in other sizes.  

As this is a product we proudly manufacture in our facility, we are happy to work with you to accommodate other sizes of as custom requests.  Please contact us if you have a specific size needed for your job site:

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