Ecoduty Biodegradable Stake

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Ecoduty Biodegradable Stake

The Ecoduty Biodegradable stake is made of a 100% biodegradable PHA resin. This resin is a plant based plastic that can completely break down naturally and will just leave behind water, carbon dioxide and bio-materials. This process may take 12-24 months to fully break down. Heat, sunlight, and chemicals can increase the biodegradable process if needed.
The Biodegradable Stakes are sturdy and can penetrate hard soils. The alternating rib design and double hooks help these stakes stick firmly to the ground. This design is an exceptional choice for using these as erosion control and landscape stakes.
The 6” landscape stake comes in cases of 500. This size and type works best for lightweight geotextiles, erosion mats and blankets. The 4” stake is available and comes in cases of 1000 and work best for heavier geotextiles, erosion mats and blankets.