Ultra Pipe Sock - Oil & Sediment Model

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Ultra Pipe Sock - Oil & Sediment Model
The pipe sock is a dewatering tool that has been used to remove silt, sediment, sand, gravel and other small particles from water flowing off of construction sites. These filtering socks have often been attached to the end of headwalls, pipes and even vertical pipes around ponds.

Made from the filtering X-tex® material, these socks are often used as a type of stormwater pollution prevention plan to prevent contaminated materials from exiting a site. As a best management practice, the pipe filtering sock has often been placed in SWPPPs to control stormwater discharge for sites and help areas comply with NPDES 40 CFR 122.26 (1999).

The ultra-X-tex®® material used on the Ultra-Pipe Sock ® is a high strength filtering fabric that helps capture silt and sediment, while allowing water and other liquids to flow out of the pipe. This fabric has also been effectively used to absorb and filter out oil.

The pipe socks has also been used in pond applications. Here, the sock will be placed over vertical pipes that extend well above the water surface. This helps prevent sediment and soil from entering an in-flow during storm events.