Taurus Heavy Duty Dewatering Bag

  • Taurus Heavy Duty Dewatering Bag


With double-stitched, folded-over seams and high strength hose inlets, the Taurus Heavy-Duty Dewatering Bag is made for the toughest job sites.  Constructed of 8oz Geotextile, these bags allow a water flow rate of 90 gallons per minute for each square foot of fabric and trap particles down to 177 microns (80 sieve).  

Taurus Heavy-Duty Dewatering bags filter water on a job site to remove sediment and other pollution or waste. These filtering bags are made from a non-woven geotextile fabric that is needle punched to allow only water  to flow back out while retaining fine soils and particles.  It's high filtering qualities make them perfect for pumping trenches, construction sites, ponds, lakes, and for dewatering in municipalities or plants.

Faster dewatering can be achieved by placing the bag on hay bales, aggregate, a trailer, or any other method that allows the water to flow away from the bag unimpeded.

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