Ultra Drain Seal

  • Ultra Drain Seal


The Ultra drain seal provides temporary spill containment for almost all drains. The seals are made of flexible polyurethane. With its rubber-like qualities it does not absorb and helps seal the drain while being very durable. For a quick easy use, either side of the drain seal can be used to seal off the drain. Its simple design makes it the ideal product to have on hand in case of any emergency spill. To make it even faster to use, an Ultra-Drain Seal Wall Mount is also available.
The Ultra-Drain Seals ® were not made for long term outdoor use, a max recommendation of 2 hours is suggested for this product. If a long term drain plug is needed the Ultra drain Plus is a better option.
The spill drain seals comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including; rectangular, circular, and square.
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