Orion 10" Calm Water Containment Boom

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Orion 10" Calm Water Containment Boom

Made from a marine grade PVC in high-visibility yellow*, these barriers are designed for a wide variety of purposes.  Whether you are blocking the spread of aquatic plants, containing trash and debris, or demarcating swimming areas, Orion boom is a perfect fit for your needs. 

*Unless specified otherwise, the Orion boom comes in high-visibility yellow.  (For custom orders using either international (safety) orange, dark green, or black PVC, please call or email us for a quote.)

Orion boom serves a variety of purposes ranging from protecting Caribbean islands from sargassum seaweed to collecting golf balls at your local driving range.  Because of its strength and durability it is a favorite of construction, recreation, and environmental protection companies as well as homeowners.

Durable 22oz PVC ensures years of service, galvanized steel ballast chain gives the strength to hold back debris and plants, and closed cell foam flotation holds it all up.  Make Orion your choice when you need to control your waters.